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Opinion: ‘Mentally Unstable’ not good enough


Another school shooting on the news.  Pictures of victims and heroic stories of saviors.  A sad loss of innocent lives at the hands of a cruel, psychotic teenager.  Right?  Wrong. Stop simply labeling kids as “mentally unstable” when the news doesn’t tell the full story and no one cares enough to find out the whole truth.

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Affirmative Action: Racism Towards Minorities (Opinion)


Affirmative action, simply put, is fighting racism with racism; it never works. This process was first brought about by President Lyndon Johnson, who issued an Executive Order in 1965 that required government agencies to hire more minority employees. To the common man, this makes sense. If members of a certain group are not working as much as other groups, giving the former more chances for success makes sense. For schools, the National Center on Education Statistics (NCES) conducted a study in 2007 that displayed similar results. 70% of whites immediately enrolled in college whereas the percentage was only 61 for African Americans. Hence, colleges actively played a role in accepting more minority students since then. The acceptance rate for minorities is now steadily rising and more and more diversity is seen amongst not only private colleges, but also the most prestigious institutions in the nation. The problems with Affirmative Action, however, are distinctly wicked and outweigh all of its benefits.

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A Step in the Right Direction: Adopt, Don’t Shop


California has officially become the first state to formally ban the pet store sale of puppy mill dogs. Puppy mills are largely known as commercial dog breeding operations where profit is held at a higher status than the actual well-being of the animals. Most puppies that come from puppy mills are usually sold at the age of eight weeks – pretty much an open invitation to all sorts of health problems. Even worse, female dogs are used as reproductive machines in these institutions as they are bred at every given opportunity, often with no regard to necessary recovery time that often pose as huge health risks. Although legislation has been passed in the past to improve these conditions, such as the federal Animal Welfare Act of 1966, the standards required by them are extremely minimal, if any.

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